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Quote from Cameron in Farm Strong

Cameron: [on the phone, affecting a less camp persona] Hey, dude. It's Cam. Where? Been good. Been real, real good. So, you and Pam, huh? Hey, better be good to my old sis, or I'll have to wrestle you down. Hey, question. Do you still have that friendship bracelet that I made for you? Oh, okay. Yeah, okay, if you're busy, I'll have Pam call you back. Hey, and, Bo, congratulations. You too. [hangs up] Can you believe it?
Mitchell: Oh, and we're gay again.


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Quote from Lily

Cameron: Hey, what are you doing with those swatches? She's gonna be here any minute. I told you to put all this wedding stuff away.
Mitchell: Are these really our top-two choices for color palette? Why are they both white?
Lily: That's what my friend Keisha asks about you and daddy.

Quote from Pam

Cameron: Okay, I hope you're hungry.
Pam: Starving. That damn airline ran out of roast beef. Tried to fast talk me into eating something called "hoo-mus."

Quote from Jay

Alex: Congratulations. You officially beat me in "Words with Friends."
Jay: Better luck next time, kid.
Alex: Okay, I have to ask. Did you cheat? Is that how you won?
Jay: I never took you for a sore loser.
Alex: That's not an answer.
Jay: Listen, one day you might be the smartest person in this family, but today is not that day. So tread lightly before you assiduously malign the veracity of my etymological prowess. Jay Pritchett out. [drops phone]
Alex: You broke your phone, smarty-pants.
Jay: Damn it!