Modern Family - Lily Quote #39

Quote from Lily in Suddenly, Last Summer

Lily: What if he never comes back?
Jay: Oh, honey, no one ever leaves home and doesn't come back.
Lily: I did.


‘Suddenly, Last Summer’ Quotes

Quote from Claire

Claire: [v.o.] Soldiers talk about that moment when they shut off, when the war finally wins. For me, that moment is four days into summer vacation.

Quote from Jay

Jay: What's all this? I said one suitcase.
Manny: I need choices, Jay.
Jay: Colombia's not one of your more formal nations. The guy on their money is sitting in a lawn chair.

Quote from Phil

Phil: We'll get our time. They're all going away at some point, right?
Claire: Yeah, Haley's got her beach trip, and Alex is doing habitat for humanity, and Luke has camp. If I remember, I think we have six hours totally kid-free on... Oh, the 14th.
Phil: Hey, if we moved Alex's flight, we could have, like ten or twelve hours.
Claire: Dream bigger, hot pants. Step aside.
[aside to camera:]
Phil: Sometimes I don't know if I love how much I fear Claire, or fear how much I love her.
Claire: Aw.

Lily Quotes

Quote from A Tale of Three Cities

Cameron: Hey, um, I wish you'd be a little more mindful of my family situation.
Mitchell: I'm sorry. I didn't realize the vigil had drifted out to the common areas. Cam, come on. She's 95 years old and plugged into a wall. Maybe it's time to, you know...
Cameron: What? What are you saying, Mitchell? That we should pull the plug? [all gasp]
Lily: [Southern accent] Lord o' mercy.

Quote from We Need to Talk About Lily

Cameron: Okay, we gave you every tween girl's dream day, and... and you can barely crack a smile.
Lily: It's not my dream day. It's yours. I'm not the same kind of tween girl you guys are.
Cameron: But we love all the same things.
Lily: I've changed. I don't like Beyoncé.
Both: [gasp]
Mitchell: You take that back!
Lily: Or Britney.
Both: [gasp]
Lily: Or Gaga.
Both: [gasp]
Lily: I only fake it 'cause you guys like that stuff. I'm different.

Quote from Career Day

Mitchell: Oh, let's see here. Uh, yeah. Oh, the Tooth Fairy. "1 Tooth Fairy Lane. Tooth City, Tooth Dakota."
Lily: I hope it's another $100.
Cameron: Ooh! Well, lookie there. Glitter!
Mitchell: I guess the tooth fairy doesn't have to worry about vacuuming.
Cameron: See, "Dear Lily, I'm writing because I made a mistake and gave you too much money. Please leave the $100 under your pillow tonight, and I'll give you a dollar. Sorry if that bites."
Lily: Let me see that. [takes letter] I can't read.