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Quote from Claire in Suddenly, Last Summer

Claire: Luke to the 14th, Haley gets a day there.
Phil: Come on. That's it, Beautiful Mind. Harness that crazy into something positive.
Claire: Shh! If I can get Alex to move her Habitat for Humanity from Oklahoma to Sacramento and Luke to move his camp session, they will both overlap with Haley's vacation, and I just bought us seven kid-free days.
Phil: Witchcraft!
Claire: Yes.


‘Suddenly, Last Summer’ Quotes

Quote from Lily

Lily: What if he never comes back?
Jay: Oh, honey, no one ever leaves home and doesn't come back.
Lily: I did.

Quote from Claire

Claire: [v.o.] Soldiers talk about that moment when they shut off, when the war finally wins. For me, that moment is four days into summer vacation.

Quote from Phil

Phil: We'll get our time. They're all going away at some point, right?
Claire: Yeah, Haley's got her beach trip, and Alex is doing habitat for humanity, and Luke has camp. If I remember, I think we have six hours totally kid-free on... Oh, the 14th.
Phil: Hey, if we moved Alex's flight, we could have, like ten or twelve hours.
Claire: Dream bigger, hot pants. Step aside.
[aside to camera:]
Phil: Sometimes I don't know if I love how much I fear Claire, or fear how much I love her.
Claire: Aw.

Claire Quotes

Quote from The Closet Case

Claire: [aside to camera] That was the moment I realized Phil wanted me to kick Dylan out so he could be the cool one. Well, I can be cool, too. I'm cooler than cool. I'm frigid.

Quote from Thunk in the Trunk

Claire: [aside to camera] The best part about taking over my dad's company: I am now a powerful white male, and I love it. I totally get now why we don't want anyone else to have what we have.

Quote from Slow Down Your Neighbors

Haley: "Slow down your neighbors"?
Claire: No. "Slow down," talking to the speeder. Who's talking to the speeder? "Your neighbors."
Luke: It doesn't say that.
Haley: Yeah, it just says, "Slow down your neighbors."
Claire: Phil.
Phil: I know what you were going for but now all I can see is "Slow down your neighbors."
Claire: Well, you're all wrong, 'cause this is incredibly clear.