Gil Thorpe Quote #4

Quote from Gil Thorpe in Flip Flop

Phil: That's my wife. I better take it.
Gil Thorpe: Hey, hey. Whoa, listen. Whatever you do, don't tell her you're playing golf on a weekday. You'll be doing dishes all night.
Phil: Good call. Thank you, my man. [answers phone] Hey, honey. What's up? Oh, not much. Just, uh, in a meeting. You know, working hard, bringing home the bacon.
Gil Thorpe: No, he's not! He's playing golf! [laughing]
Phil: No.
Gil Thorpe: Um fore! Nice putt! [laughing] Why you lying to your wife, Dunphy? Huh? Hey, he had a beer at lunch, too!
Phil: What is wrong with you?
Gil Thorpe: You just got thorpedoed! Come back here.


 ‘Flip Flop’ Quotes

Quote from Luke

Haley: Okay, so after a quick scan of his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram, here is what I know.
Luke: Privacy is dead?

Quote from Gil Thorpe

Gil Thorpe: Dunphy, I'm not gonna lie to you. You guys did a nice job on the house. My buyer wants in.
Phil: Fantastic! That is great news! You know, when we first got into this-
Gil Thorpe: Whoa, the small talk's over. Here's what we're prepared to offer.
Phil: You're joking, right?
Gil Thorpe: I don't joke about real estate. I joke about golf and Mexicans. It's okay, though. I'm married to one.

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: Here's to the best construction crew in the business.
Claire: Okay.
Cameron: Hank. Luis. Paco! Wish you could be here right now, buddy.
Alex: What? Did he die?
Cameron: No, he's on the roof, fixing a shingle that he should've gotten right the first time.