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Quote from Jay in Bringing Up Baby

Cameron: It's a French Canadian delicacy called poutine.
Jay: Mm. Well, it looks like vomit, so I'm not pou-ting it in my mouth.


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Quote from Manny

Gloria: Manny, I can take care of a baby. I took care of you.
Manny: Please. I was an anomaly. I self-potty trained.
[aside to camera:]
Manny: I just did not get the appeal of intentionally soiling one's pants. That said, I will admit to missing the kisses on my tummy.

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: [aside to camera] The giant stuffed elephant was a gift from our good friend Pepper.
Mitchell: Gay guys having kids is, it's relatively new, so our community has not yet learned how to modulate baby gifts.
Cameron: When Steven and Stefan had little Rocco, our friend Longinus sent over the whole cast of "Yo Gabba Gabba".
Mitchell: Now Rocco cries whenever he sees bright colors.
Cameron: I'm not allowed over there.

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Quote from Kids These Days

Jay: I hate losing to a team with a Viking mascot. Hey, you died out and became Swedes! Hip-hip-hooray for socialism and seasonal depression!

Quote from The Bicycle Thief

Jay: [aside to camera] The key to being a good dad? Look, sometimes things work out just the way you want. Sometimes they don't. You got to hang in there. Because when all is said and done, 90% of being a dad is just showin' up.