Cameron Quote #365

Quote from Cameron in Lifetime Supply

Cameron: Well, you know what? I'm gonna go get Lily from her party and go to the park.
Mitchell: OK.
Cameron: This award has changed you, Mitchell. You may be flying high now, but pretty soon, you're gonna be free falling, Tom Petty. Because you're petty. Tom Petty. Hmm? Get it?
Mitchell: About three sentences ago.


 ‘Lifetime Supply’ Quotes

Quote from Luke

Gloria: That's the problem with Americans. They expect all of us to know their language, but they don't even make the effort to learn ours.
Walt: Win a war sometime. Then we'll start talking like you.
Luke: Ha. So wrong.

Quote from Javier

Javier: Look into his eyes. I don't care what the doctor says. I give him six months.

Quote from Alex

Cameron: Oh, that looks great up there! How impressed are you with your uncle right now?
Alex: So impressed.
[aside to camera:]
Alex: I didn't wanna ruin their moment by telling them how many awards I've gotten, but let's just say I don't get out of bed for a trophy that size.