Luke Quote #121

Quote from Luke in After the Fire

Luke: Will you hurry up?
Manny: I'm saving my strength because if we don't find this helicopter, I'm walking to Canada.
Luke: [scoffs] Hope you like taxes.


 ‘After the Fire’ Quotes

Quote from Gloria

Jay: [aside to camera] Terrible tragedy.
Gloria: They're our closest friends.
Jay: We know them. Uh, Manny and their son Reuben are tight. In fact, I put in one of their closets. Not that it matters, but it was the only structure to survive the fire.
Gloria: Por favor, don't even say that word! In my country it is considered very, very bad luck when your house burns down.

Quote from Cameron

Mitchell: [aside to camera] They lived a block away from us. Smoke was everywhere.
Cameron: I was so upset, I couldn't sleep for days. Of course, Mitchell won't let me take anything.
Mitchell: Well, Cam, we both know why. Some people have been known to sleepwalk or even sleep drive on that medication. Cam's reaction is much worse.
Cameron: I sleep clown.

 Luke Dunphy Quotes

Quote from Up All Night

[asides to camera:]
Alex: What's the most irritating thing my parents say to me?
Manny: "That's too much cologne."
Haley: "That's how girls end up dead."
Luke: "Don't talk black to me."
Manny: "It's inappropriate because she's your teacher."
Luke: "How do you even talk black? End words with 'izzle'"?
Alex: [o.s.] It's "talk back," you idiot.
Luke: Oh.

Quote from Slow Down Your Neighbors

Luke: What are you gonna do when he drives by?
Claire: I'm gonna tell him to slow down.
Luke: I think you should drag him out of his car and we all get turns punching him in the stomach until he barfs.
Claire: Honey, I think I'm just gonna turn over his license plate to the police.
Luke: Please. Order a pizza and call the cops. We'll see who gets here first.