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Quote from Phil in Good Cop Bad Dog

Phil: [aside to camera] See? You don't need all the conflict. Note to Claire. If you want intense family drama, rent Spy Kids. They saved their parents' lives. You think they would've done that if they got yelled at all the time?


 ‘Good Cop Bad Dog’ Quotes

Quote from Jay

Guillermo: Good morning, Mr. Pritchett.
Jay: How ya doin', sport?
[aside to camera:]
Jay: I didn't know who that was. I never do. At least once a month, I find a total stranger sitting in my kitchen. Gloria collects every kind of stray looking for work, money you name it. She's got a big heart. It's the one thing I'd like to change about her.

Quote from Phil

Phil: Sweet and sour chicken! Girls! Get back- Gotta fix that step. Girls!
Alex: Did he just yell? Drive!
Haley: I'm trying!
Phil: You girls get back here right now!
Alex: Pretend you don't hear him.
Phil: I know you can hear me!
Alex: Oh, my God! He's coming towards the car!
Haley: Oh, my God!
Phil: Stop this car!
Alex: We're sorry, Dad.
Haley: We couldn't hear you!
Phil: No more lies! You poked the bear, girls! You poked him!

Quote from Phil

Claire: Oh, my God. This bathroom is disgusting. The girls told me they would clean it days ago. I can't yell at them about it one more time. You handle it.
Phil: I would, but I promised Luke and Manny I'd take them go-karting for their good report cards.
Claire: What was good about Luke's report card?
Phil: He didn't lose it.