Dylan Quote #130

Quote from Dylan in Spuds

Dylan: It still haunts her. Not to be weird, but she still won't let me mention your names while we're making love.


 ‘Spuds’ Quotes

Quote from Jay

Jay: I hate it when they get cute with the bathroom signs. Why would French fries mean ladies and baked potato gents? Just throw one of them into a skirt.

Quote from Jay

Mitchell: So, uh, Dad, Gloria says that you won't take pills for your back?
Jay: I got to get this from all sides now? I don't like what they do to me, alright? They make me feel super...
Dylan: Horny? Constipated?
Jay: Emotional. You know, sometimes you can just ride out a pause, buddy. Anyway, the pain got so bad, I broke down. I took a couple in the men's room, which is the maximum dose, so strap in. You know, I'm gonna miss this place. Look, Spuddy Holly! He just about said it all, didn't he? "Scalloped, fried, lyonnaise. [voice breaking] Spuds' potatoes do amaze."

 Dylan Marshall Quotes

Quote from The Closet Case

Haley: Also, we were kind of hoping that Dylan could stay in the basement with me for a little while.
Phil: Oh.
Haley: He's trying to save up to build inventory, and rent is killing him.
Dylan: It feels like they're asking for money, like, every six weeks.

Quote from The Incident

Claire: Everybody, Haley says that Dylan is a musician, and he writes some great songs.
Phil: Play something, bro.
Dylan: Well, I guess so, if you want me to. We could all use a nice tune right now. This is actually a song I wrote for Haley. It's called "In the Moonlight."
Cameron: Lovely title, Dylan.
Dylan: Thanks. [playing guitar and singing] The stars are falling from the sky And you're the reason why The moon is shining on your face 'Cause it finally feels It's found its place 'Cause, baby, baby, I just want to do you do you Do you want to do me do me Underneath the moonlight the moonlight? Baby, baby, Maybe I will steal you steal you Just so I can feel you feel you Maybe that would heal you heal you on the inside.
Claire: She's so not going.
Phil: Not a chance in hell.