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Quote from Dylan in Spuds

Cameron: Sounds like somebody's nervous about a possible move to Missouri.
Mitchell: No, I'm... I'm just pointing out that there are a lot of really great things here. Like... Like, wouldn't it be a shame to cut that blossoming relationship short? [points to Lily and her date]
Dylan: Actually, I'm not so sure how much I trust that Randy guy. I mean, what kind of sicko is attracted to a 12-year-old?


 ‘Spuds’ Quotes

Quote from Jay

Jay: You know, it's... Thing about babies, you... you fall in love with a baby with the cutest little fat folds, and then... bam... they're gone. But it's okay, because in its place is this... toddler with the greatest laugh on Earth. And then one day, the toddler's gone, and in its place, a little kid that asks the most interesting questions you've ever heard. And this keeps going on like that, but you never get the chance to miss any of them, 'cause there's always a new kid to take the place of the old. Until they grow up. And then... in a moment, all those kids you fell in love with walk out the door at the same time.
Waitress: Jesus.
Jay: Oh, I don't mean to be a bummer. I'm just saying it goes fast. Like the expression... "You never know the last time you pick up your kid."

Quote from Dylan

Dylan: It still haunts her. Not to be weird, but she still won't let me mention your names while we're making love.

Quote from Jay

Jay: I hate it when they get cute with the bathroom signs. Why would French fries mean ladies and baked potato gents? Just throw one of them into a skirt.