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Quote from Phil in Dead on A Rival

Kenneth: [to Haley] I like the way you think outside the box. I may have a really interesting job opportunity for you.
Claire: Haley, we could be working together!
Kenneth: No, it's really just the one job. And, Phil, while it's not a trip to space, I hope that the Phil Dunphy Center for Wolves will be a fitting honor for the man who changed my life. We'll have a big opening ceremony. You'll meet all the wolves! Now let's go do this again in front of the cameras! [exits]
Phil: I'm terrified of wolves!


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Quote from Javier

Manny: Hey, Dad!
Javier: There's my boy! [laughs] Whee! Someone has been wearing my custom-made cologne... Javier! For the man who wants to smell a little bit like a woman.

Quote from Phil

Phil: [aside to camera] Today, our old neighbor-turned-tech-titan, Kenneth, is coming to visit. And he says he has a "big surprise" for me. I don't know if the super rich have access to time travel, but if they do, I'm going back to the '90s.
Claire: Ooh, to buy a whole bunch of Amazon stock?
Phil: No! I'm going to tell Felicity not to cut her hair.

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Quote from En Garde

Phil: [aside to camera] What does it take to make a great salesman? It's no big secret. You just follow the ABC's of salesmanship: Always Be Closing. Don't Ever Forget Great Home Ideas Just Keep Lurking Mostly Nearby.
Often, People Question Realtors' Sincerity. Take Umbrage. Violators Will- Oh, shoot

Quote from Hit and Run

Phil: [aside to camera] I'll admit it. I'm turned on by powerful women: Michelle Obama, Oprah, Condoleezza Rice, Serena Williams... Wait a minute.