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Quote from Jay in Dead on A Rival

Jay: Who's the beefcake?
Alex: Oh... [sighs] I need to hire an assistant, and this gentleman is currently the frontrunner.
Jay: Does he get a normal paycheck, or are you just gonna stuff ones down his G-string?
Alex: I do have some trepidation about the optics.
Jay: Well, you should. These are sensitive times. Perception is everything.
[aside to camera:]
Jay: I didn't care about any of that crap. I don't have enough work for my assistant, Margaret. Been with me 40 years. I can't just put her out to pasture like some worn-out plow horse. The old broad deserves a little respect.


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Quote from Javier

Manny: Hey, Dad!
Javier: There's my boy! [laughs] Whee! Someone has been wearing my custom-made cologne... Javier! For the man who wants to smell a little bit like a woman.

Quote from Phil

Phil: [aside to camera] Today, our old neighbor-turned-tech-titan, Kenneth, is coming to visit. And he says he has a "big surprise" for me. I don't know if the super rich have access to time travel, but if they do, I'm going back to the '90s.
Claire: Ooh, to buy a whole bunch of Amazon stock?
Phil: No! I'm going to tell Felicity not to cut her hair.

Quote from Gloria

Javier: Gloria, dime... why are you suddenly so on board with this trip?
Gloria: I've sheltered him for too long. He needs something real that he can write about. Take him to the seediest bars, introduce him to con men. Let him taste danger. But not shrimp, because it makes his eyelid feel funny. [sees Joe putting on a hat] No, señor! The cycle ends here!