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Quote from Joe in Legacy

Jay: Sales lesson number two... create demand. Leave a few dog beds lying around, dogs fall in love, your phones start ringing off the hook. Go ahead. Over there. Go.
Joe: [to a couple] Wow. My dog really likes this bed. I wonder if leaving it here will create demand.
Woman: Uh, no, thank you.
Jay: [to Joe] Alright, good start. You could've been a little cuter with that.
Joe: What?!
Jay: When did you start saying "really likes"? What happened to "weawwy wikes"?
Joe: You paid a speech therapist to shame it out of me.


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Quote from Frank

Phil: So, Dad, I, uh, I w... I wanted to ask you...
Frank: Oh, boy. No serious talk, okay? Yes, I'm taking all my million pills. You can come over and press my stomach. I'm starting to feel like a bean bag chair.

Quote from Frank

Phil: This takes me to my next question. Um... did you and Mom ever... ever want a-a-another child?
Frank: Well, I suppose all parents wonder how things would have changed if they had a different child.
Phil: I-I didn't... didn't mean a different one. I-I mean an additional one.
Frank: Why do you ask?
Phil: Well, 'cause if you'd had another kid, maybe... maybe he'd have taken over the business and... and you wouldn't have had to sell. I always... I always felt kind of bad that I didn't.
Frank: The answer is no, Phil. Never. Because... Well, you did take over the family business, didn't you? Keeping life light, making it fun for everybody.
Phil: I learned from the best.

Quote from Frank

Frank: You know, your mother and I came here every Sunday for 44 years.
Phil: You miss her, don't you?
Frank: It comes and goes. Fourth of July is rough.
Phil: Really? I didn't realize she was so patriotic.
Frank: Well, it's that hot dog eating contest they have on TV. You know, I always thought that your mother could have been a competitive eater. No food ever expired in our house. She'd see that last day pop up on a pound of bacon or a gallon of milk, and down it went. It was personal for her.