Manny Quote #523

Quote from Manny in The Prescott

Manny: This one's from me. The ribboning isn't my best... I have carpal tunnel.


 ‘The Prescott’ Quotes

Quote from Phil

Claire: Honey, if you don't like my hair, I can change it.
Phil: What? I love it.
Claire: Maybe next week I can arrange a little rendezvous with a redhead.
Phil: O-Okay.

Quote from Manny

Jay: [aside to camera] Recently, I got a special edition Blu-ray of the best movie ever made, "Lawrence of Arabia." Word is, The Prescott has a state-of-the-art screening room with surround sound. Know what it doesn't have? Manny.
Manny: Hello! I would've gone with a tracking shot there. I sure hope he finds a plot out there in that desert.

Quote from Jay

Higgins: Behold, our famous candy wall.
Jay: Hey, Sugar Babies.
Higgins: Yes, honey buns?
Jay: No, Sugar Babies. The greatest movie candy of all time.
Higgins: A thousand apologies. I will track some down for you straight away.
Jay: You wouldn't mind?
Higgins: Mind? Please. There is no greater joy than fetching something I've never heard of for someone I've only just met.