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Quote from Longinus in The Last Thanksgiving

Longinus: Well, girl, come on in. Let's get you two drinks... one for each empty hand you showed up to the party with.


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Quote from Cameron

Mitchell: Okay, we still need wine, cheese, flowers... Oh, we have to stop by the bakery.
Cameron: Yeah, and we need a hostess gift for Longinus' Friendsgiving party. You know, she does not look kindly on an empty-handed guest.
Mitchell: [sighs] It's too much.
Cameron: I know. But what do you expect from somebody who changed their name from Larry Jones to Longinus St. Germaine?
Mitchell: No, I mean this list. Okay, we're only making it to my dad's by 4:00 if we blow off the hostess formerly known as Larry.
Cameron: No! His party's my favorite thing about Thanksgiving! Like, when we all go around the table and say one thing we're thankful for not wearing this year.

Quote from Ronaldo

Mitchell: Oh! Hi, Ronaldo. What... Let me guess. Those are for Longinus?
Ronaldo: Oh, I would never get something this shabby for that judgy queen. No, my mom is in the hospital.

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Quote from Boys' Night

Longinus: John Schneider was the one.
Mitchell: John Schneider from Dukes of Hazzard?
Cameron: That was your first crush?
Longinus: Oh, my God, yes. Bo Duke. Delicious.
Pepper: He was a redneck who drove a car called the General Lee with a giant Confederate flag on it. That wasn't a turn off for you?
Longinus: Look, I know he was all kinds of wrong, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Quote from Boys' Night

Crispin: Mitchell was just about to tell us who his first boy crush was.
Mitchell: No, I wasn't.
Pepper: Let me bring you up to speed. Crispin's was Joey Mclntyre whoever that is. Longinus said John Schneider.
Jay: Your name is Longinus?
Longinus: I know. I never stood a chance.