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Quote from Manny in The Last Halloween

Jay: Look, I know you breastfed until you could stand, but aren't you a little old to be trick-or-treating?
Manny: This isn't for Halloween. I'm in final rehearsals for my one-man show "Sigmund Freud: Here Ego Again." I've saved you four seats, but if you need more...
Jay: No, four's good.
Manny: So, what's the surprise?
Jay: Well, it's kind of a Joe thing. You know, he's out trick-or-treating with his friends. I-I'll wait till he comes home to show it to him.
Manny: Hmm, playing favorites with your sons, perhaps unconsciously repeating the cycle your own father perpetuated on...
Jay: You know, one ticket's gonna be good enough.


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Quote from Phil

Phil: [aside to camera] It was simplicity itself. A year ago, Claire accused me for the millionth time that I couldn't scare her, so I came up with a plan. I'd just sold a house to a European couple that weren't gonna take possession for a while, so, uh, last fall, "Ida Mae" moved in. Fortunately, the house was right on Claire's jogging route, so it was easy to introduce Claire to Ida Mae, and when I wanted to amp it up, I had Ida Mae make contact. Then, this morning... I knew that ax wouldn't scare Claire. I just did that so she'd accuse me of not being able to scare her.
Claire: It's all about plausability.
Phil: Damn right, it is. Over the past year, Ida Mae joined the neighborhood association, hung up a poster for her lost dog, signed up for Meals on Wheels. They're not bad, by the way. Also, she got a lot of knitting done.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: Is it cold in here, or is it just me because I am the frozen lady from "Frozen"?

Quote from Mitchell

Cameron: Wow. This place has changed. It used to be so much... gayer.
Mitchell: Straight people always take our best stuff. First, they came for our brunches, and I said nothing.