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Quote from Cameron in He Said, She Shed

Mitchell: Some people spend their whole lives trying to resolve these things.
Cameron: What would I- What would I even say to her? That my dad left for a year with the town floozy and I thought he was off being a war hero and that I'm an idiot and and that I'm never gonna forgive him? I don't care that he came came back to us. He lied to me, and he let me grow up thinking my mama was the most important thing to him in the world. He's a phony. You know, maybe, you know, he did do the best he he knew how, you know? He always did make me feel safe and and happy. [sobs, voice breaking] Maybe he was just trying to protect me, because he did love me with all of his heart, and, actually, I feel like I know him, like, even better now and love him even more. [gasps] I am the person I am because of all my experiences. And I like me. And I have a daddy to thank for that. Whew. Ooh! Hey! That felt great. Oh, my gosh. I feel healed.
Mitchell: Yeah, well, it's a good start, but therapy really is a-
Dr. Green: No, no, no, no, no, no. That was extraordinary. I have never seen anything like that. He doesn't need me. Here. Have a hard candy and a good life.


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Quote from Gloria

Gloria: But Joe worries me because stress can destroy a child. Take it from Cartagena's junior regional backstroke champion.
Manny: You used to swim?
Gloria: Like a cigarette boat fleeing to international waters. But all that stress brought the darkness in me. I started pulling out my hair, and there was an incident.
Manny: What kind of incident?
Gloria: I'm ashamed to admit it, but when I lost one of the big races, I might have hit one of the other swimmers in the leg with a skimmer pole.
Manny: You Tonya Harding-ed another girl?
Gloria: No, in Colombia, they call it the Gloria Ramirez-ing.

Quote from Gloria

Jay: You know, Gloria, with the right training, this kid could go all the way. Me managing his golf career can be my second act.
Gloria: You're 70. Your second act was two acts ago.

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Quote from Unplugged

Cameron: [affected accent] The tribe elders foretold that though I lay with fire-haired man, the giving hawk would bring us baby with her skin the color of sweet corn, which my people call maize.
Mitchell: Okay. Please stop.
Mr. Plympton: Well, uh-
Cameron: Knowledge is her sustenance. Like so much maize which, you'll remember, means corn.
Mitchell: What if I was a single dad?

Quote from Send Out the Clowns

Cameron: [aside to camera] This week, the world lost a great man, and I lost a mentor. For nearly 60 years, Professor Ringmaster Al Uzielli helped young hopefuls like me find their clown persona.
Mitchell: "Professor Ringmaster"?
Cameron: It's a very prestigious title at Clown College. One step below Piemaster General.