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Quote from Cameron in First Days

Cameron: Good morrow!
Alex: Oh, boy.
Cameron: Oh, what is all this strange garb you adorn? Are you trappers from the Canadian provinces? Are you here to sell your beavers?
Boy: Who are you?
Cameron: The 64-pence question. I crossed the Delaware during the revolutionary war. I spent a brutal winter in valley forge. Who am I?
Alex: I-I have no idea. I-I swear I don't know who this man is.
Cameron: I'm George Washington, of course.
Alex: Our syllabus says we're supposed to cover Native Americans on the Eve of Colonization.
Cameron: Yes. Native Americans. Indians! A majestic, peaceful people, who lived off the land and cried when they saw litter.
Alex: The textbook says many tribes were often at war, with allegiances shifting all of the ti-
Cameron: Shifting all the time!
Boy: So, were the Indians friends with the colonists or not?
Cameron: Ah! Yes. I know one Indian who was friends with a construction worker, biker, and traffic cop. [laughs] Uh, do y- Nothing? Seriously, nothing? Okay, your parents are gonna love that joke.


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Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell: All right, if I'm gonna take Lily, I need to hurry. Lily, sweetheart, let's get you dressed.
Lily: Hey, I've been dressed for an hour. Come on, I can't be late. I'll fall behind.
Mitchell: Sometimes I forget to factor in the Asian.

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: [aside to camera] I desperately wanted that job. There was just one problem. I don't know much about history.
Mitchell: Hmm. Do you know much biology?
Cameron: Not now, Mitchell.
Mitchell: What about your science book or the French you took?
Cameron: You're lucky I love you.
Mitchell: And I know that if you love me, too.
Both: [singing] What a wonderful world this would be.
Cameron: I really was in a jam, though.

Quote from Lily

Lily: [answering phone] Daddy's office. You sound like a little girl. [hangs up]