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Mother's Day

‘Mother's Day’

Season 2, Episode 21 - Aired May 4, 2011

On Mother's Day, Claire and Gloria take their kids on a hike, revealing a few home truths. Cameron is upset that Mitchell thinks of him as the "mother" in their family. Meanwhile, Phil notices Jay crying as they cook one of his mother's recipes.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: Oh, my God. You don't talk about your children this way.
Claire: Oh, come on. You know Manny irritates you.
Gloria: No. Manny is the best thing that ever happened to me. We have a special bond.
Claire: Yes. Bonds. I know. But that's not what I'm talking about now.
Gloria: Claire, for a long time, it was only the two of us. I cannot say anything bad about that boy.
Claire: Give me a break. Gloria, anybody who's ever had a kid knows that they can irritate the freaking life out of you at some point. Am I right? Oh. Okay.
Gloria: He's persnickety.
Claire: What?
Gloria: Manny. He's persnickety. It drives me up the wall.


Quote from Gloria

Gloria: And he follows me around all the time. Sometimes I love it, but sometimes I need my own space.
Claire: This does not make you a bad mother to admit these things.
Gloria: And the poetry it's not very good.
Claire: Ha.
Gloria: First time that I say that out loud.
Claire: Okay.
Gloria: It's not very good!
Claire: Wow. I love Manny.
Claire: Right.
Gloria: But sometimes I- Just be a boy. Go outside. Kick a ball. Steal something. Oh, it feels so good.
Manny: Maybe to you.
Gloria: No, Manny. Ay! I was talking about another Manny that I know long time ago. [to Claire] Diablo.

Quote from Alex

Haley: You know Mom's just gonna want us to apologize.
Luke: Well, we did kind of ruin her Mother's Day.
Haley: No. She ruined her Mother's Day. She took us to a place she knew we wouldn't like and then we complained for, like, a second and we're the bad guys?
Alex: That's a good point. You ever get the feeling she does this intentionally?
Luke: Why would she do that?
Haley: So she can make us feel guilty.
Alex: Exactly. And the next time we're choosing what to do, she gets her way again. And the next time and the next time and eventually it's Mother's Day every day.

Quote from Luke

Haley: I say we don't apologize this time. Let her know we're onto her little game.
Alex: We could change the way this whole family operates.
Haley: Okay, so nobody says they're sorry. Got it? Keep your mouth shut when she comes back.
Luke: If she comes back.

Quote from Jay

Jay: I need you to get away from me.
Phil: Yeah. Okay, I'm just gonna say this one time so we can move on. It's okay.
Jay: Gotcha.
Phil: You know what "it" is? It's you crying.
Jay: Which I didn't.
Phil: You teared up.
Jay: It was the onions.

Quote from Mitchell

Cameron: What are you saying?
Mitchell: Come on, you know.
Cameron: No. No, no. No, no. I don't know.
Mitchell: All right, if I'm thinking about it, of the two of us, if I had to pick I-I might say that you're slightly mom-er.

Quote from Claire

Claire: I'm gonna intervene here. Manny, let's talk about what really happened. Your mom said you should go out and throw a ball around. That can't be the first time you've heard that.
Manny: No. But there was some hurtful stuff said about my poetry.
Claire: Which your mom regrets.
Gloria: I do.
Claire: So, that's what parents are for. Sometimes they criticize because it helps make you stronger. Kids these days get-get trophies just for showing up. What's that gonna lead to? A bunch of 30-year-olds living at home. Manny, your mother loves you very much. She's a human being. So she let off a little steam. Honestly, it's probably a great thing for your relationship.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: Stop. He needs to know the real truth. Manny, Claire was feeling bad because she wants to hit her own children. So I tried to make her feel better by inventing terrible things about you.
Manny: You mean, you don't have a problem with my poetry?
Gloria: No. The only problem that I have is that I never have enough of it.

Quote from Jay

Jay: Is anybody hungry? What?
Gloria: You cried for your mommy.
Jay: Oh, crap. I did not.
Gloria: Yes. Phil just told-
Phil: No, that's not true. She's a liar.
Jay: What's wrong with you? Look, I know you would all be so happy if you thought I had some big emotional moment about my mom, but I didn't.
Manny: So you don't miss your mom?
Jay: Of course I do. She was a great lady. And she also left me a fantastic recipe for sauce, which now is getting cold. So can we please eat?

Quote from Mitchell

Lily: [over baby monitor] Da-da.
Mitchell: I think she's calling you.
Cameron: Don't even try. I have that pottery class in the morning.

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