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Me? Jealous?

‘Me? Jealous?’

Season 3, Episode 14 -  Aired February 8, 2012

Phil is so determined to get a client's business that he doesn't notice what Claire considers to be his inappropriate advances. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron stay over at Jay and Gloria's house while theirs is fumigated.

Quote from Phil

Phil: I just got sycamore, a house that sells itself and gives me the commission.
Claire: How does that not bother you?
Phil: Claire, it's an expression. There's work. Inspections, appraisals-
Claire: He brought me wine, he took his shirt off when you weren't here!
Phil: Um, he brought us wine, and it doesn't look super vacuumed down there. I'm surprised he kept his pants on.


Quote from Phil

Claire: Okay, I can see what's going on. You- You're just so focused on getting his business, that you don't see what's going on in front of you.
Phil: Okay. Now I do see what's going on.
Claire: What?
Phil: Come here, pretty girl.
Claire: What? Mm?
Phil: You are, you know. You don't hear it enough. The other night, when you put on makeup, I was like, "There she is."
Claire: Oh, my God.

Quote from Alex

Alex: What are you doing?
Haley: Helping my little sister with her homework.
Alex: That seems mean.

Quote from Luke

Haley: Annie, this is Alex. That other sister I was telling you about.
Alex: Hi. So nice to meet you. Um, if you're going to study there, you might need to correct numbers 7 through 10. This bed has higher standards than that bed.
Annie: I'm going to get some more lemonade. [passing Luke on the stairs] I think your sister's mad at our sister.

Quote from Cameron

Gloria: Lily, Lily, come! Show your papa what we bought!
Lily: Matchy jackets!
Gloria: It's like she's the baby leopard, and I'm the mama.
Cameron: Or they just happened to have two jackets, one large, one small.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: What happened here? Where is my tea?
Cameron: Oh, it's in this drawer over here. As a thank-you, I took some time to rearrange your kitchen so it makes sense.
Gloria: To who?
Cameron: To everyone. There's a flow now. Watch. Tea. Mug. Kettle. You're welcome.
Gloria: I didn't thank you.
Cameron: You don't have to.
Gloria: I won't.

Quote from Jay

Jay: [answering phone] Hello? Yeah, this is Jay Pritchett. What? When?
Mitchell: What happened?
Jay: It's the police. My car got stolen. Yeah, 2012. Gray. No, not pewter. More like a light- Like a- No, not slate. I don't even know what "coastal fog" is. Just put down "gray." Kilo? It's not my car. Yes, she's Colombian. What does that have to do with- No, I'm coming down there. Hang on. Grab your keys. I think I might need a lawyer.
Booker Bell: Guess who just got his bell rung?
Mitchell: That's good. That's good.

Quote from Phil

Phil: What is going on?
Claire: You guys are in a lot of trouble. Haley, I told you to clean this mess up, and, Alex, your books are everywhere. Betty Luke, sit down while your dad gets the camera.
Phil: Got it.
Claire: Last time, you made a funny face and we didn't really get a good shot, so let's work on our smile.
Phil: Okay. Good to see you, Betty Luke.

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