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Quote from Boys' Night

Longinus: John Schneider was the one.
Mitchell: John Schneider from Dukes of Hazzard?
Cameron: That was your first crush?
Longinus: Oh, my God, yes. Bo Duke. Delicious.
Pepper: He was a redneck who drove a car called the General Lee with a giant Confederate flag on it. That wasn't a turn off for you?
Longinus: Look, I know he was all kinds of wrong, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Quote from Boys' Night

Crispin: Mitchell was just about to tell us who his first boy crush was.
Mitchell: No, I wasn't.
Pepper: Let me bring you up to speed. Crispin's was Joey Mclntyre whoever that is. Longinus said John Schneider.
Jay: Your name is Longinus?
Longinus: I know. I never stood a chance.

Quote from The Wedding (Part 2)

Ronaldo: What's wrong with your voice?
Longinus: The three of us just took a road trip.
Stefan: We sang Broadway tunes all the way to the Texas border.
Longinus: And then from the other side of Texas to Florida.

Quote from Go Bullfrogs!

Cameron: [answering phone] Hey, Longe. Don't be mad at us for leaving.
Longinus: I went back to our spot, and everybody was gone. Who does that to a sister?!
Mitchell: We're sorry, but the sitter called, and, uh, Lily was running a fever. So we feel even worse about dumping Claire on you and your hot date.
Cameron: Who is gorgeous, by the way. Seems super funny, too. Perfect for you.
Longinus: Please, I wish that was a date. He's my trainer, and he's straight.
Cameron: What?
Longinus: Julian's straight.
Cameron: Oh, I love it when a straight person and a gay person go out together.
Longinus: I'd love it a lot more if he was gay.

Quote from Snip

Longinus: So? What do you think?
Cameron: Finally, a store that sells shirts men actually wanna wear.
Longinus: Thank you. Look, holla if you need me. We're a little shorthanded today.
Mitchell: What happened to J'Marcus?
Longinus: Don't ask. She's a j'mess.

Quote from Patriot Games

Mitchell: We are very political people.
Cameron: We were just discussing the potato famine of Ireland.
Mitchell: Yes.
Longinus: I haven't had a potato in four years.

Quote from Go Bullfrogs!

Longinus: Oh, damn! Here comes my ex.
Cameron: Who? Randolph?
Mitchell: Marcus?
Cameron: Lamichael?
Longinus: No. Matt. I gotta go.
Claire: Drama. Love it! This is what I wanted.

Quote from Spanks for the Memories

Mitchell: So, Long', we have a lot to catch up on. What's up?
Longinus: Not my weight. The Tom Brady diet changed the way I see the world. [to Cameron holding the Hors d'oeuvres] Food, not food, super-food, poison.