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Season 11, Episode 11 -  Aired January 15, 2020

Phil pays a visit to his dad to make sure he is ok after hearing some concerning news about him. Meanwhile, Jay gives Claire and Mitch a bunch of their old childhood memorabilia that triggers them to reevaluate a long-held story about their first family vacation.

Quote from Claire

Mitchell: I mean, why... why was he in such a rush to get home, you know? To... To meet his buds at O'Brien's Pub?
Claire: I don't know. It's just... Well, that is a little weird, though. It says, "To Jay Pritchett, the greatest bartender in the universe. Dean Martin. May 1, 1983." Since when was Dad a bartender?
Mitchell: Wait, and this is right after our trip.
Claire: I'm calling work wife. [dials phone]
Margaret: Hello?
Claire: Hey, Margaret, really quick... Was Dad ever a bartender?
Margaret: Gosh, who knows? I wouldn't trust this memory of mine anyway, and... [imitating static] This is a bad connec... [imitates static]
Claire: Margaret. You know, that's what a bad connection stopped sounding like when phones stopped having antennas.


Quote from Mitchell

Margaret: [on the phone] Fine. Early days of the business, we couldn't make payroll. He had to come back from a trip to pay everyone out of his own pocket. Took the night job to make ends meet.
Claire: Why wouldn't he have told us?
Margaret: Probably didn't want to worry anyone. Anyway, back to the wall, he did some of his best work. Came up with a best-selling closet.
Mitchell: "Introducing the Maddox."

Quote from Manny

Manny: Guys, I just saw a ghost.
Cameron: Okay, girls, grab your things. We're gone.
Manny: N-Not a real ghost. More like a vision from my past. Brenda Feldman.
[aside to camera:]
Gloria: An older girl that Manny had a crush on. He even wrote a poem for her when he was little.
Manny: I gave her my heart, she gave me a picture of me as an old-time sheriff.

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