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Farm Strong

‘Farm Strong’

Season 5, Episode 4 -  Aired October 9, 2013

When Cameron's older, single sister Pam visits, he decides to keep the news of his and Mitchell's engagement secret. Phil and Claire decide to skip Luke's soccer game so they can get some household chores done. Meanwhile, Jay thinks Gloria is in denial about needing reading glasses, on the 100th episode of Modern Family.

Quote from Claire

Claire: I'm working now, you know, and I really need my weekends back to- to catch up on errands.
Phil: I don't know. It just feels wrong.
Claire: Would it feel wrong to use that robot gutter cleaner that's been sitting in the box for the last three weeks?
Phil: No, that would feel right. So right. Did I tell you I call it "the gutter done"?
Claire: You did! I love "gutter done". It's your sense of humor. It's so fun.
Phil: Okay, stop drilling. You struck oil.


Quote from Claire

Phil: You know, if we're not going, we could stay in bed a little longer.
Claire: No, thank you.
Phil: Okay.
Claire: Don't want to have this conversation again in 15 years.

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: Oh, take that bow out of her hair. I don't want to rub our daughter's adorableness in my barren sister's face.

Quote from Pam

Pam: Well, the damn airline lost my trunk. Now I'm gonna have to make new clothes.
Cameron: Oh, no.
Pam: Yep. I need to squeeze something. Get over here, Lily.
Lily: I'm good.
Mitchell: Yeah, well, she's shy.

Quote from Pam

Mitchell: So, Pam, we've got some big news.
Pam: Speaking of big news, you remember that little ugly girl I used to babysit, Britney Horner?
Cameron: Yeah.
Pam: Well, she got married last summer, and now she's pregnant with twins. So, if you're keeping track, that's ugly - 2, me - nothing. What's your news?
Mitchell: Um, well...
Cameron: We're getting a new dryer.
Pam: Oh. Well, I'm very happy for y'all.
Mitchell: Thank you.
Pam: How come I never get a new dryer?

Quote from Alex

Alex: Mom, in all the time you've known grandpa, has he ever used the word "fluxions"?
Claire: That is not an f-word I have heard him use.
Alex: He's beating me in "Words with Friends." How is that even possible?
Haley: Shouldn't you be playing "Words with friends" with friends?
Alex: Grandpa is my friend.
Haley: Of course he is. That's not sad. What?

Quote from Jay

Manny: You call that folded? Where's that military precision?
Jay: We didn't fold many onesies in the Navy.

Quote from Jay

Gloria: I'm back!
Jay: What did the doctor say?
Gloria: He said my eyes are perfect.
Jay: Where was he looking when he said it?

Quote from Jay

Gloria: [to waiter] I'll take this one. It looks very good.
Jay: That's their address, Magoo.

Quote from Manny

Jay: Did you see that fresh coat of nail polish? She never went to the doctor.
Manny: Why would she lie?
Jay: She's vain, Manny. She doesn't want to wear glasses.
Manny: Well, she's only hurting herself.
[Stella barks]

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