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Quote from The Closet Case

Haley: Also, we were kind of hoping that Dylan could stay in the basement with me for a little while.
Phil: Oh.
Haley: He's trying to save up to build inventory, and rent is killing him.
Dylan: It feels like they're asking for money, like, every six weeks.


Quote from The Incident

Claire: Everybody, Haley says that Dylan is a musician, and he writes some great songs.
Phil: Play something, bro.
Dylan: Well, I guess so, if you want me to. We could all use a nice tune right now. This is actually a song I wrote for Haley. It's called "In the Moonlight."
Cameron: Lovely title, Dylan.
Dylan: Thanks. [playing guitar and singing] The stars are falling from the sky And you're the reason why The moon is shining on your face 'Cause it finally feels It's found its place 'Cause, baby, baby, I just want to do you do you Do you want to do me do me Underneath the moonlight the moonlight? Baby, baby, Maybe I will steal you steal you Just so I can feel you feel you Maybe that would heal you heal you on the inside.
Claire: She's so not going.
Phil: Not a chance in hell.

Quote from Blasts from the Past

Phil: Buddy, are you sure you're okay?
Dylan: Trust me, I'm a nurse. By now there'd be clear signs if I had a concursion.

Quote from A Moving Day

Phil: Oh, can you believe it, Claire? Our little girl is growing up.
Claire: Yeah, it seems like just yesterday we were carrying all these boxes downstairs after she got arrested and kicked out of college.
Haley: [chuckles] Ah.
Dylan: Yeah, I've been through a lot, too. I've been a limo driver, a lead singer, a ranch hand, a Dapper Dan at Disneyland, a t-shirt designer, a sign spinner and now a nursing student with a baby on the way. It's all going according to plan.

Quote from The Big Game

Dylan: Haley!
Haley: Hey, Dylan! I didn't realize you were coming here.
Dylan: Are you kidding? This place was like a home to me. It's like I was homeschooled. But I wasn't. I was school-schooled.
Alex: Were you?

Quote from The Closet Case

Phil: Hey, guys. Can we talk for a second?
Haley: What's up?
Phil: Actually, let's sit down. There's something pretty important we need to discuss.
Dylan: Okay, whoa. This is exactly how it started out when I found out my father wasn't really in space.

Quote from Dude Ranch

Claire: Hey, Dylan.
Dylan: Hey, Mrs. Dunphy.
Claire: I was wondering if we could have a little chat.
Dylan: Oh. You want me to go home.
Claire: No, no. It's the- The opposite of that.
Dylan: I want you to go home?

Quote from Kids These Days

Haley: Oh, I don't know what to do. [sighs]
Dylan: How about this? Haley Gwendolyn Dunphy, will you marry me?
Haley: Are you kidding me right now?
Dylan: Picture us walking down the aisle, a breathtaking vision in virginal white and you wearing whatever you want.

Quote from Finale Part 2

Haley: Oh, we love our new place, by the way. Thanks again for putting in a good word for us with the owner.
Mitchell: Yeah, he just needed some reassurance, considering most of Dylan's money is tied up in Dave & Buster's gift cards.
Dylan: Safer than banks.

Quote from Summer Lovin'

Dylan: Haley, you look as yummy as ever.
Haley: [chuckles] Thanks. What's going on?
Dylan: So, I'm designing t-shirts now, and I'm trying to get the stores to sell them. I'm wearing one.
Luke: "Lie"?
Dylan: "Live." The neck is the "v."
Phil: Game changer.
Dylan: Yeah, and I've got all these great "V" words. "Love," "dove"-
Claire: Leave.
Dylan: ­"Governor."

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