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Quote from Cameron in The Last Thanksgiving

Cameron: Alright. Dylan is on twin duty, so I'm gonna make sure you don't fall asleep.
Phil: I've been asleep for the last 10 years. Imagine finding out the plane crash you were in was no accident.
Cameron: Well, you're not alone. Jay did something very similar to me when Mitchell and I first got together. He "accidentally" bumped me with his car... a real car, not a... not a toy. [sprays Phil with water to keep him awake] I was pretty bruised up. I just... I just assumed it was because he didn't want his son with a boyfriend, but he thought Mitchell could do better. It was a-a bit of a shock. [sprays Phil again] Uhp... But then, once I became a father, I realized how protective you can be over your kid. There was a little boy on Lily's soccer team always teasing her, so at the end-of-the-season party, I may have nudged him face-first into a freshly fried funnel cake. [chuckles]

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