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Quote from Phil in The Last Thanksgiving

Jay: Barrel roll into an S-turn... and a little thing I call Pritchett-Switch-It.
Dylan: That just looks like a right-hand turn.
Phil: It would to an amateur. You're an artist, Jay. The sky's your canvas. Oh, should we do the hoop?
Jay: Great idea. [to Dylan] Hey, champ, take this out to the middle of the field and hold it up.
Dylan: Awesome!
Phil: Guess it's "champ's" turn. Are... Are we sure champ doesn't need to see how it's done properly first? I mean, it's not just standing there.
Jay: Dylan, just stand there!
Dylan: Yes! What a wonderful shared experience!
Jay: Now, stay out there. We'll do it again. Kid's a natural. He didn't even flinch.
Phil: Bravery or a sluggish brain... guess we'll never know.

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