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Quote from Phil in Dead on A Rival

Haley: Ooh, what are the cameras for?
Kenneth: Huh? Oh! This is for a documentary about tech visionaries going back to thank the people who inspired them. Elon Musk got his math teacher an island.
Phil: What am I getting? Assuming it's... me.
Kenneth: Well, are the cameras rolling?
Man: Yes.
Kenneth: What is the one thing that we've always dreamed of doing together?
Phil: Going to college in New York with Felicity?
Kenneth: No. This man right here, he taught me to always dream big and reach for the stars. And as a thank-you, Phil, would you make me the happiest man on Earth and leave Earth with me?
Phil: W-W-What?!
Kenneth: I just got us two tickets on the next Russian flight to the International Space Station!
Phil: This is the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me! Except of... of course... ...winning two non-consecutive Realtor of the Year Awards. I'm... I'm going to cry.
Man: Uh, don't cry yet. I'm so sorry. We had a sound issue. Can we do all that again?
Kenneth: Yeah! Should we take it back to the hug?

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