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Quote from Claire in Blasts from the Past

Phil: [Italian accent] Signora, why so sad? Let me see that big macaroni smile, ah?
Claire: How did you find me?
Phil: [normal voice] Antonio called and said you'd ordered a flaming Sambuca and just watched it burn.
Claire: Mm-hmm. It's all just going too fast. Five months ago, Haley got back together with Dylan. Then my mom dies. Then Haley's pregnant. Then it's twins. Then, "Come move in with us this summer" turns into "Ding-dong, we're here with an early preview of twins and an incontinent chinchilla, and, in the most terrifying return since Freddy Krueger sashayed his way back onto Elm Street, my mother reincarnated into the body of Farrah."

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