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Quote from Claire in Blasts from the Past

Farrah: This homeopathic remedy is really gonna help Haley with morning sickness.
Claire: Uh-huh.
Farrah: - I got the recipe from a doula I met in an Uber pool.
Claire: Well, you were right about one thing. It does- It does smell like a buffalo that was struck by lightning. When- When are you heading back up to Oregon?
Farrah: Oh, I'm done with that place. Oldest story in the world. You know, I thought I found a nice guy, then one morning, he up and tells me he's found six new women.
Claire: Mm.
Farrah: I'm done with Bhagwans.
[aside to camera:]
Claire: Coming back as Dylan's mother? Not funny, Mom. Not funny at all!

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