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Quote from Cameron in Farm Strong

Pam: They warned me, you know.
Cameron: Who warned you?
Pam: The whole family said you wouldn't take it well. Ever since you moved to the city 'cause you couldn't hack it on the farm.
Cameron: "Couldn't hack it"?
Pam: Yeah, that's right. Everyone knows, Cam, you're not farm strong.
Cameron: You take that back, Pameron Jessica Tucker!
Pam: I will not! You are weak and weepy. That's why we can't ever say anything to you 'cause we know you'll crumble into a big heaping mess!
Cameron: Oh, are you saying I'm the one people have to step around? That I'm the Pam of the family?
Pam: You mean the Cam of the family?! 'Cause that's what we all call it!

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