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Quote from Phil in Go Bullfrogs!

Haley: What the hell?
Phil: We are leaving.
Haley: I'm having a nice time with-
Phil: With this clown? And by the way, it's a little cliche to pick someone who looks exactly like your dad. I got your number, Pi Chi. I know you.
Haley: Yeah, you do. This is Ben Ford. He's in my class. He's visiting, too.
Ben: You were my T-ball coach. My dad's your doctor. He's right over there.
Haley: What is wrong with you? Are you trying to ruin college for me before I even get here?
Phil: No, I-I'm not. I am so sorry. You are not a clown. You were an excellent backup shortstop. Alecia. Bruce. Go, bullfrogs Dogs! Go, bulldogs.

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