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Quote from Jay in The Kiss

Gloria: I told you, Jay. My grandmother who rest in peace has been coming to me in my dreams telling me that I'm losing touch with my roots.
Jay: See, this is awkward, because my dead Uncle Joe told me to have steak tonight.
Gloria: No, no, no, Jay. Have some respect. My grandmother can hear you.
Manny: What do you mean, she can hear us?
Gloria: Well, in our culture, we believe that the dead are all around us.
Jay: She's right, Manny. She could be right here, her bony fingers reaching out from the grave. [prods Manny on his shoulder with a kitchen utensil]
Gloria: Yeah, keep it up, Jay. There's already one dead person in this room. You wanna make it two?
Jay: I'm sorry. I've got a printer to install. Oh, Gloria. Have your grandmother run me up an iced tea in about 10 minutes.

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