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Quote from Lily in Pool Party

Mitchell: Honey, what have we always taught you? Love who you are, as you are.
Cameron: Yes! Being comfortable in your skin is the most attractive thing. I mean, look at us. We're hardly Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell...
Mitchell: Could've picked dudes.
Cameron: ...but we know what we have to offer, and we're proud of it.
Mitchell: Look, it's important that you go to this party and you... you feel good about who you are. I mean, you have a gorgeous body.
Lily: No, thank you.
Cameron: Yeah, you're a little hottie!
Lily: Pass!
Mitchell: I mean, if I were a cartoon wolf and I saw you, my eyes would be like "Aah-ooo-gaa!"
Lily: Stop! I will go if you never talk to me like this again.

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