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Quote from Haley in Three Dinners

Haley: So this is what this whole night's about - the drinks, the pretending to be my friend?
Phil: We are your friend.
Claire: Honey, we care about you. And we want to make sure that you- You've got a plan, 'cause it seems like you're meandering. No. Sweetie, don't just start texting because you don't like the conversation.
Haley: Here.
Claire: What is this?
Haley: That's a blog that I've been doing. I'm really liking my photography, and people always say that they like the way that I dress, so I've been posting pictures of my outfits on this site. I know it's not a huge money-maker right now, but I do get money whenever someone clicks on a link and buys something that I wore. I'm gonna take a business class next semester, which I'm hoping will help me turn all of this into becoming a stylist. I have 1,200 followers. Most are women who want to know what to wear. Some are men who want to know what I'm wearing, but, you know, I'm trying to figure a way to block all of the pervs. So, yeah. I guess that is my plan.

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