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Quote from Shorty in Fifteen Percent

Shorty: Jay. Jay. Listen, I wanna thank you for, you know, helping me out with that jam.
Jay: It was nothin'.
Shorty: No, no, no. And I got you a little present.
Jay: You didn't have to do that.
Shorty: No, I did. Two tickets to see the great Michael Buble. The guy sings like an angel. He's gonna be outside at one of the amphitheaters.
Jay: Gloria's gonna love it.
Shorty: No. I'm talkin' about you and me.
Jay: Oh, you and me.
Shorty: Yeah.
Jay: Well, that's a little-
Shorty: I thought maybe we could have a little picnic since it's outside. You know? I'll get some nice bottle of wine, a little cheese. Lay on a nice blanket. All right?
Jay: Yeah, fine.
Shorty: [to a passing man] Yo, hey. I like your hair. Who does your hair? Huh? Yo, handsome. Who does your hair?

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