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Quote from Phil in Not in My House

Claire: Luke was using my computer for this.
Phil: I'm gonna have to, uh, call you back. [hangs up]
Claire: He told me he needed it to do homework, and then I find this, a-a picture of a topless woman, with the biggest boobs I have ever seen, driving a tractor.
Phil: Okay. Um- Uh, first of all, that's a combine, not a tractor.
Claire: Phil! Phil! It is smut, and our 10-year-old is looking at smut! It's disgusting!
Phil: Completely unacceptable.
[aside to camera:]
Phil: Here's the thing. That was my picture. Well, not really mine. There's this guy at work who sends out these links. Doesn't matter who. Gil Thorpe. He sent out another one of the same woman dressed as a battleship. You know, the- You get- Yeah. And then one of the Transformers- And then it- Anyway, I had every intention of telling Claire. I just wanted her to calm down first.

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