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Quote from The Musical Man

Mitchell: Do you think that the kids are gonna be able to learn it by tonight? Maybe you should stick with something they already know.
Cameron: I knew this would happen! Why do you have to throw a wet blanket on my dreams?
Mitchell: I do not.
Cameron: You do it all the time. And you know what I end up with? Wet dreams! I heard it as soon as I said it. Just leave it alone.


Quote from Diamond in the Rough

Claire: So what do you think? Can we turn this into a baseball field?
Cameron: Oh, yeah. No problem. You know, back on the farm, I once turned an acre of corn into a snowflake-shaped maze. It'd still be there if our neighbor Billy Bob Sheinberg hadn't seen it from his crop duster and said it looked like a swastika.

Quote from ClosetCon '13

Cameron: No, no, sweetie, we're just having a conversation about how your daddy can be so stuck-up.
Mitchell: Cam, that's really mature. Use our daughter to get your little digs in. I would never do that, sweetie.
Cameron: You don't think I notice how condescending you are when we come here? You just set on the porch. You roll your eyes. You don't participate in anything. And, yeah, I said "set." But that's how we talk here. I'm from this place. I'm proud of this place. And it hurts me that the man I love just thinks it's some big joke. Come on, sweetie.
Lily: [Southern accent] Lord o' mercy.

Quote from Planes, Train and Cars

Mitchell: No, the lengths that we're going to for a stuffed animal. You know, Cam, maybe it's time Lily learned about loss.
Cameron: No, she's 3, and I know. Do you know how many times I had to say good-bye to a furry friend on the farm?
Mitchell: And didn't it make you stronger?
Cameron: Yeah, because I was a growing boy and they were chock-full of protein. But it was still heartbreaking.

Quote from Torn Between Two Lovers

Cameron: All right, Lily, let's go. Okay, how late are we, "goat loose in the house" late or "stubborn cow in the road" late?
Mitchell: You've lived here 12 years. Please use city time.

Quote from Moon Landing

Mitchell: [aside to camera] Gloria got into a little car accident, so my dad asked me to help her out. And, uh, this is the first time that my dad's asked me for legal advice, and it's- it's nice. It's nice to know that he respects me in that way.
Cameron: Well, Mitchell is an amazing lawyer.
Mitchell: Oh.
Cameron: My dream for him is that one day he'll be on the Supreme Court.
Mitchell: Why, Cam?
Cameron: So at parties I can tell everyone my partner is one of the Supremes.

Quote from The Kiss

Cameron: [aside to camera] Mitchell has a problem with public displays of affection. I remember once at a New Year's Eve Party, stroke of midnight he high-fived me. Two problems with that: One, gays don't high-five. Two, gays don't high-five.

Quote from Mother's Day

Cameron: [aside to camera] There's nothing gays hate more than when people...
Both: Treat us like women.
Cameron: We're not. We don't want to go to your baby shower. We don't have a time of the month. We don't love pink.
Mitchell: You love pink.
Cameron: No, pink loves me.

Quote from Treehouse

Cameron: [aside to camera] If she were a hot guy, I would never have been that smooth. It's ironic. Like the Gift of the Vagi.

Quote from The Wow Factor

[aside to camera, together:]
Claire: For the last few months, Cam and I have been redoing a house together that we're gonna flip, and I have to say, it has been goin' great!
Cameron: We make an amazing team.
Claire: Yeah. The key is trust.
Cameron: Absolutely.
[aside to camera, separately:]
Cameron: The key is, I let Claire think she's in charge. I hide what I want in something bigger and more expensive. Then when she rejects that, we "compromise" on what I wanted all along. I call my method "the Trojan horse." You know how I got Lily? I asked Mitchell for triplets.

Quote from Career Day

Mitchell: [aside to camera] Lily lost her first tooth today. And she's very excited about a visit from the tooth fairy.
Cameron: When I had my first loose tooth, my mama tied one end of the string to it, and the other to the tail of a Guernsey cow, fired off a 12-gauge shotgun, and the cow went running out of the room.
Mitchell: That never happened.
Cameron: Tell that to the cow-shaped hole in my bedroom wall.

Quote from Strangers in the Night

Cameron: Okay, okay, go around the back.
Mitchell: What am I doing? What am I doing?
Cameron: We'll get this underneath her. Once, I helped a sow give birth to nine baby piglets on our living room floor. Didn't get a drop of nothin' on the linoleum.
Mitchell: We're gonna get back to why the sow was in the living room.
Cameron: Lady Di's wedding. It was beautiful.

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