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Quote from Queer Eyes, Full Hearts

Andy: Hey, Mrs. Dunphy. Remember me?
Claire: Andy. Of course. Come on in. You are Joe's babysitter, right?
Andy: Uh, "manny" is what we call ourselves in the child care community. But it's confusing in that house because of their son Manny. So I've been trying to get traction with "bro-pair."


Quote from Rash Decisions

Phil: Andy, 36 hours to the open house. You ready?
Andy: I was born ready. Actually, that's not true. I was two months premature, weighed three and a half pounds.

Quote from The Wedding (Part 1)

Andy: Mrs. P. My darn taxi never came. I'm gonna miss my flight.
Gloria: No.
Andy: I just I don't want to deal with this right now. 'Cause I'm already so scared of flying. I just hate everything about it. Except for the food. I don't understand how they get such bold flavors out of that tiny kitchen.

Quote from Express Yourself

Haley: Okay, well, we can start at this western place where I know the bartender. If you hang back, I can get us free drinks all night.
Andy: It won't look weird, you ordering two drinks every time you go up?
Haley: No.
Andy: Then let's turn this mother out.
Haley: [weak chuckle]
[aside to camera:]
Andy: I got pretty lucky pulling that expression out of my fanny. I'm not usually so quick with party talk, but I've always had this fear that Haley would think I couldn't keep up with her, so I just tried to survive the night and not barf on my dad's old church shirt.

Quote from Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

Haley: Hey. That's a cool shirt. You look nice.
Andy: I have to cut you off right there. The shirt stays on. I have to hang up on this booty call.
Haley: Wait, what?
Andy: You and me, this- This has to stop. I'm so racked with guilt. I keep giving money to different charities. I even fronted a Zach Braff movie on Kickstarter.

Quote from The Escape

Haley: Andy, um, I have to tell you something. And I'm really, really sorry, but I'm seeing someone.
Andy: Really?
Haley: Yeah.
Andy: Yes! Whoo-hoo! Oh, thank goodness. Me, too. I just didn't know how to tell you, especially if you were dying. She's a Laker girl.
Haley: Oh, wow. A cheerleader. Nice.
Andy: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Josephine scrapes barnacles off boats in the Great Salt Lake. We call them Laker girls. But they are kind of sex symbols in Utah.

Quote from A Fair to Remember

Andy: I hate to go all ballistic, but it has not been a pleasure meeting you.
Haley: Do you kiss your imaginary girlfriend with that mouth?
Andy: I do, but she's real. So, she's a real girl.

Quote from The Wedding (Part 1)

Haley: So, what are you gonna do in Utah?
Andy: Well, me and my girlfriend haven't seen each other in a while, so we're gonna be like a couple of bunny rabbits.
Haley: Wow.
Andy: Just hopping all over town.

Quote from The Wedding (Part 1)

Andy: Hey, my phone just buzzed. Can you read it? I don't want to put our lives at risk.
Haley: It's, uh, it's from the airline. Your flight's delayed three hours.
Andy: Three hours?!
Haley: Yeah.
Andy: Ohh! Jinkies! I guess we can just drop me off at a coffee shop, and I can take a cab from there.
Haley: Okay. Actually, I really need to wake up. Maybe I'll grab a coffee with you, if you don't mind.
Andy: Please. The more I talk to people, the less I imagine plummeting to my death in a fiery spiral of screaming and crying.
Haley: Pretty dark for someone who just said "jinkies."

Quote from Queer Eyes, Full Hearts

Andy: Uh, I'm a hard worker, I am very clean, I am eager to please, I take super quick bathroom breaks, and I will never, ever... Oh! I'm blanking on the verb! W- Uh, when you give up on something?
Phil: Quit?
Andy: I had to ask because I don't know the meaning of the word.

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