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A Fair to Remember

‘A Fair to Remember’

Season 5, Episode 7 - Aired November 13, 2013

When the family attends the annual school fair, Phil wants Claire to stick around for a big 20th wedding anniversary surprise, unaware she has planned something for him at home. Luke tries to get rid of Alex so he can spend time with her friend, Sienna. Meanwhile, Cameron is down about his football team's losing streak, and Gloria questions whether Manny's participation in the bake off is the best thing for his reputation. Elsewhere, Haley meets Andy when she sneaks in to Jay's house for a pool day.

Quote from Andy

Andy: Mr. P., I have a confession to make.
Jay: I'm taking a much more interesting confession upstairs.
Andy: After Joe went down, I had a sip of beer by the pool, and a bottle broke. It was me. I did it.
Jay: Don't sweat it. I popped a cold one after dealing with those kids. Sometimes during.
Andy: Thanks, Mr. P. And, hey, be careful up there.
Jay: We are not that close.

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