Otto Quote #18

Quote from Otto in Boys at Ranch

Otto: This will be wunderbar. The two old men go for a ride. See the beauty of the desert, commune with nature...
Hal: I just hate to take up too much of your time.
Otto: Oh, I already told the horses that we're going. Don't make me look bad. [horse whinnies]
Hal: Whoo! Wh- What's the matter with this horse?
Otto: Nothing. Buttercup is very sweet. [horse whinnies] Are you sure you're not still angry with the boys? Buttercup is very good at picking up unresolved feelings.
Francis: No. I told you, I'm over it. I'm fine.
Otto: Buttercup is never wrong. Once, Gretchen made me an omelet with mushrooms. Oh, I hate mushrooms. But I didn't say anything. I had two helpings. Well, Buttercup forced me to go back and confront her. We had the best sex we had had in years. Thank you, Buttercup.
Hal: Maybe I should ride your horse.
Otto: Good idea. Scout doesn't pick up on anything... unless you're secretly gay.


 ‘Boys at Ranch’ Quotes

Quote from Francis

Malcolm: So, where's Francis?
Dewey: Is he really the foreman?
Reese: We haven't seen him in months.
Hal: You'll have to forgive the boys. They've always looked up to Francis like he's some kind of hero.
[As the boys step outside, Francis comes riding over the hill on a horse]
Francis: [horse whinnies in distance] [whinnies] How's it going, guys?
Hal: My God, Francis! How the heck did you learn to ride a horse like that?
Francis: Well, you got to pick it up quick around here. We break horses, brand cattle, it's about as close to the Old West as you'll ever find.
Woman on Golf Cart: [horn toots] Where do I find the jazzercise class?
Francis: Other side of the smoothie bar.

Quote from Otto

Francis: I specifically told you guys stay away from those ATVs! What the hell were you thinking?!
Hal: They don't think, Francis. They never have! The only thing their heads are good for is to plug up their necks.
Otto: [points at Dewey] I blame the oldest one. The others follow him like sheep!

Quote from Piama

Piama: Hey, guys. I'm so sorry. I came as fast as I could.
Hal: Hey.
Piama: I-I'm not going to get too close. I'm fighting a terrible cold. I'll probably be in bed all weekend.
Malcolm: Mom didn't come.
Piama: [throws box of tissues away] Well, we'll just have to enjoy ourselves without her. Come on.