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Quote from Hal in Monkey

Hal: It's like being in a straitjacket! You twist, and twist, and you can't shake the damn sheets loose!
Police Officer: Well, the important thing is we caught him.
Hal: You know what, why don't I show you. Let me show you. Follow me to the bedroom and I'll tuck you in.
Police Officer: Sir! You don't tuck in police officers.


 ‘Monkey’ Quotes

Quote from Craig

Craig: It turns out it was all a simple misunderstanding! [laughs] It's Larry who should've gotten the spin-off show, not the Ropers. Huh, Oliver? [chuckles]

Quote from Malcolm

Man: [on TV] "In order to break free of Earth's atmosphere, a rocket ship must attain speeds of upwards of 25,000mph."
Reese: Bull! If they went that fast they would just be squashed to the back of their seats! They wouldn't float around!
Malcolm: You're confusing acceleration with velocity. You feel it when you first start going faster, but once you're up to speed, you don't even notice. I mean, right now we're on a planet that's spinning at 1,000 miles per hour. And that's just rotational velocity, we're also travelling around the sun at almost 67,000 mph. And then, the whole solar system is hurtling through the galaxy which is hurtling away from other galaxies 'cause the universe is expanding.
[Reese holds on tightly to the couch]
Dewey: Wee-ee-ee-ee!

Quote from Reese

Reese: And then, after the award ceremony, they gave me a tour of the police station. Did you know the mirrors in the interrogation room are two-way? It's good thing they didn't have that before.