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Quote from Stevie in Poker #2

Police Officer: Just tell me what happened.
Abe: We... were playing... cards.
Police Officer: OK. Let's start with you.
Stevie: Well... it's like... this.


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Quote from Stevie

Reese: The doctors are baffled. Stevie's brain is too big for his head. It's pressing up against his skull. They say he only has two months before it explodes.
Stevie: It's called... encephalo... neurop... er, litis.

Quote from Stevie

Kristen: [shouts] Would you like something from the kitchen?
Stevie: [shouts] No... thank you.
Kristen: [shouts] He doesn't want anything.
Reese: Do you think they'll offer to change his diapers?
Malcolm: I can't believe Stevie's putting up with this.
Reese: You know what, I'll take care of it. Girls, let me explain something about Stevie. He's no different than the rest of us. He plays video games, he does chores around the house, he goes to the movies with friends. He leads a completely normal life. Which makes it even sadder that he only has two months to live.
Kristen: What?
Stevie: What?
Reese: Stevie, they have a right to know.
Chandra: Oh, my God, is it true? [places hand on Stevie's shoulder]
Stevie: I've been told... I'm very brave.
Chandra & Kristen: Aw!

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Quote from Malcolm Holds His Tongue

Malcolm: What the hell is wrong with me?! Why can't I just learn to shut up?
Stevie: We're... the same. We speak... before... we think.

Quote from Polly in the Middle

Malcolm: [to camera] Since Stevie's mom deserted him, he's been living a little more dangerously. Yesterday he read a book in dim light. Now he's making his first prank phone call.
Stevie: [on the phone] Hello... is your... refrigerator... Yeah... it's me.