Stevie Quote #137

Quote from Stevie in Carnival

Kitty: A sleepover?! At someone else's house?!
Abe: Don't you like sleeping here, son?
Kitty: I don't think this is a good idea, Steve. I mean, Malcolm's family doesn't have a HEPA filter air purifier and God knows how outmoded their alarm system is. They probably don't even have motion detectors.
Abe: Be honest, son. Is it my snoring?
Kitty: You have a perfectly good hypo-allergenic mattress here to sleep on. I just don't see the point.
Stevie: It would help... me feel... normal. [rolls away] Fish... in a barrel.


 ‘Carnival’ Quotes

Quote from Reese

Reese: Uh-oh.
Malcolm: [to camera] This is like the beginning of every horror movie I've ever seen.
Reese: I think we should all split up.

Quote from Dewey

Reese: What did you hear?
Dewey: Everything. I want to go to the fair.
Malcolm: No, Dewey. You're too young.
Dewey: Take me or I'll tell Mom.
Reese: If you do, I'll just stomp the crap out of you.
Dewey: Go ahead. I'm still telling.
Malcolm: Dewey, you're not going and you're not telling. If you blab to Mom, we'll take every pet you ever get and set it free.
Reese: We'll destroy every toy, every game, everything you ever love.
Dewey: Do what you have to.

 Stevie Kenarban Quotes

Quote from Malcolm Holds His Tongue

Malcolm: What the hell is wrong with me?! Why can't I just learn to shut up?
Stevie: We're... the same. We speak... before... we think.

Quote from Poker #2

Police Officer: Just tell me what happened.
Abe: We... were playing... cards.
Police Officer: OK. Let's start with you.
Stevie: Well... it's like... this.