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Quote from Lois in Krelboyne Girl

Lois: Okay, where's Domingo? [Dewey is silent] Come on, I can smell him. Honey, do you think I just took Domingo away from you because I'm mean?
Dewey: Absolutely.
Lois: Dewey, the reason I had to take your teddy bear away is because he's very dirty. He's covered with germs and he could make you very sick.
Dewey: He wouldn't do that. He loves me.
Lois: It's the germs, sweetie. There are tiny bugs carrying disease, and Domingo is covered with them. Now, when you touch him, they get on your hands, and what do you suppose happens if you touch your eyes? Well, I'll tell you what happens. The germs get in there and they infect them, and you get very sick and eventually your optic nerve rots away and your eyes fall out. Now, if you want to keep Domingo, you can. But if you want to keep your eyes, you'll give Domingo to me. [Dewey hands over the bear] You made the smart choice, sweetie. [kisses Dewey's forehead] Sleep tight.


 ‘Krelboyne Girl’ Quotes

Quote from Lois

Malcolm: Mom, what are you doing?
Lois: For crying out loud, Malcolm, why am I paying for underpants that you're not wearing?
Malcolm: Mom.
Lois: Why are you not wearing your underpants?
Malcolm: I want to wear boxers.
Lois: Oh, really? Well, you may think you suddenly need all the extra room, but let me tell you, my dear, you are getting way ahead of yourself.
Malcolm: [to camera] Just once, I'd like a childhood memory I don't have to repress.

Quote from Spangler

Hal: [on the phone] Yes, Commandant Spangler, this is Francis' father. I'm- I'm afraid I... lied to you. Francis is the cadet responsible for damaging your car.
Spangler: I see. Well, that puts me in somewhat of an awkward position. You see, the culprit is being disciplined as we speak.
Hal: But Francis did it. You- You're punishing the wrong cadet.
Spangler: I beg your pardon. In my 30 years at this academy I have never caned the wrong cadet.
Hal: Sir, did you say "caned"?
Spangler: No.
Hal: Sir...
Spangler: Consider the matter closed.
Hal: But, sir, you... [Spangler hangs up]
Spangler: Take five, fellas.

Quote from Malcolm

Cynthia: Malcolm, what are you doing?
Malcolm: Look, Cynthia, believe me, I'm trying to kiss you, and I think if you just give me a minute to clear my head, I'll be able to kiss you, okay?
Cynthia: Excuse me?!
Malcolm: Francis said she'd do this.
Cynthia: And who, exactly, is Francis?
Malcolm: It's not what you think. He's my brother.
Cynthia: You were going to kiss me, and you're thinking about your brother?
Malcolm: No, I was thinking about my mom. No, I mean, I was thinking about your bra. I mean... I was thinking about what's in your bra. Uh... I mean, what will be in your bra. Oh, can I start over?
[After Cynthia pokes Malcolm with her fingers, knocking him down, she kicks him and walks out]
Malcolm: [groans] I wonder if I can convince anyone this is a hickey.