Hal Quote #102

Quote from Hal in Halloween Approximately

Lois: I'm serious, Hal. What are we going to do? The time to drop off the car and go home was, like, 20 miles ago.
Hal: What if we just kept going?
Lois: What are you talking about?
Hal: I'm talking about you and me running away and spending the rest of our lives on some... I don't know, some hidden beach in Mexico, with no jobs and... no kids.
Lois: Oh, it's not that simple, Hal.
Hal: Why not? I mean, we would have to change our names, but... I'd be Raul. You'd be Consuela.
Lois: Consuela?
Hal: Si.
Lois: You think they'd send the federales after us?
Hal: Of course. But they'd never find us.
Lois: We'd be outlaws.
Hal: Oh, we'd be legends. We'd be living every parent's dream. We'd be folk heroes.
Lois: Like Bonnie and Clyde.
Hal: Raul and Consuela. Spearing fish. Climbing for coconuts. Living naked as monkeys.
Lois: Oh... Raul.


 ‘Halloween Approximately’ Quotes

Quote from Francis

Reese: Couldn't you have gotten in trouble after Halloween?
Francis: Guys, I'm sorry. I know I let you down, but... I really didn't have a choice. I mean, the commandant's fake leg was just lying there in the closet begging for a novelty bumper sticker. It was a snap decision, but I really think I did the right thing.

Quote from Francis

Francis: Boys, the time has come. You're about to see the device that will change the face of Halloween forever. Behold.
Dewey: That's not a flying chocolate maker.
Reese: This is just a bunch of tubes.
Francis: Trust me.
Reese: I do trust you, but... I expected something a little more...
Malcolm: [looking at blueprint] Oh, my God. Will this work?
Francis: Absolutely.
Reese: What? What is it?
Malcolm: It looks like an incredibly powerful slingshot.
Francis: A slingshot capable of hurling objects over a distance of two city blocks. Picture yourself you're walking down the street, you're minding your own business when all of a sudden... bam! You're hit by a ten-pound balloon filled with shaving cream, paint or any number of foul-smelling liquids. And you never, ever know who did it.
Reese: It's the perfect weapon.
Malcolm: Reese, are you crying?
Reese: [emotional] No.

Quote from Malcolm

Reese: 9 days past expiration. [drinks orange juice] Ugh. Here.
Malcolm: [drinks] Ugh! It turned carbonated.
Reese: Hmm.
Malcolm: [removes cottage cheese] Expired 2 months ago.
Reese: You don't have the guts. [hands Malcolm a spoon]
Malcolm: [gags]
Reese: [retches] [removes egg nog]
Malcolm: When was the last Christmas we have Egg Nog?
Reese: I think before Dewey.
Malcolm: It's all you, man. [Reese gags as he drinks the eggnog] [to camera] This is a game that has no winners.