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Quote from Francis in Book Club

Francis: [sings out the window] Mademoiselle from Armentieres, Parlez-vous Mademoiselle from Armentieres, Parlez-vous She got the palm and the croix de guerre For washing soldiers' underwear Inky dinky, parlez-vous
Roy: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Francis: What?
Roy: It's hinky dinky parlez-vous.
Francis: That's what I said, Roy.
Roy: No, you said inky dinky. You've got to start over.
Francis: I'm not starting over. It's freezing out there. I can barely feel my lips any more. [Roy starts to pull the truck over] [sings] Mademoiselle from Armentieres, Parlez-vous Parlez...


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Quote from Lois

Reese: [chuckles] Tracy really should have invited us. This is what you get for being rude.
Malcolm: Okay, we'll hide these in the closet tonight, then we'll cover up the hole and by the time Mom's home, we'll be in bed sleeping like babies.
Lois: Boys! Fireworks? Fireworks? [falls over the fence] Omph!
Reese: How did she?
Malcolm: I don't know!
Lois: You boys are in so much trouble! I can't leave you alone for a second! I guess next time I go out, I'll have to chain you to the floor! We tell you to behave and you don't even pretend to listen! [chopper overhead] You might as well cut off your ears and throw them in trash for all you use them. You are grounded for the next month! [Lois is illuminated]
Police Officer: [o.s.] Get down on the ground with your hands behind your head.
[Lois puts her hands behind her head and kneels down]
Lois: While you're being punished, I hope your friends are doing all sorts of fun stuff because you won't be doing any of it! You are gonna suffer!

Quote from Hal

Hal: We'll be fine! [inner monologue] I don't want to screw this up. Lois needs time to herself. She deserves a night out. She'll have fun and will come home happy. I just have to keep the boys under control. What am I talking about? They're good kids. What am I talking about, "What am I talking about"? They're monsters! They'll destroy everything and then ruin Lois's night! Then she'll feel like we can't be trusted on our own! She'll never want a night out again and it will all be my fault!
Malcolm: We're going out back.
Hal: [out loud] You're not going anywhere! You're gonna stay in your room all night with the door shut! Now go! Go!

Quote from Francis

Francis: [on the phone] Hey, it's Francis. How's Alaska?
Eric: Francis, where are you? You were supposed to be here two weeks ago.
Francis: I know, but no-one will pick me up, I ran out of money and had to work tarring the roofs for a week. Apparently, there's a serial killer loose in Idaho who looks just like me.
Eric: You better get here soon. I don't know how much longer they'll hold the job.
Francis: I'm almost there! Listen, do I take the provincial highway 99 or the 27 to provincial highway 12?
Eric: What?! Where are you?
Francis: I'm close to British Columbia. I'm in Bellingham, Washington.
Eric: Francis, you're still 2,000 miles away!
Francis: What?! No way! I've got to be near to Alaska. I've just exchanged all my money for Alaskan dollars!
Eric: There's no such thing as Alaskan dollars!
Francis: Sir? [runs off]