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Quote from Lois in Reese Comes Home: Part 3

Malcolm: Mom, what happened?
Lois: I'll tell you what happened. I told them how my underage son ran away and joined the army under false pretenses and was sent off to combat and you know what they said? They said if you can find out what name he used, they can have him back to us in six months. Six months! They'll have him back to us in six months?!
Malcolm: [to camera] I don't know if she's upset he's gonna get killed, or met someone else is gonna do it.
Hal: Honey, you know you're gonna lose a nail inside your palm again. Just calm down and let the army-
Lois: I don't trust the army, which means this family has to find him, and I don't trust this family, which means I have to find him. [Lois unclenches her hand]
Hal: Two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star?
Lois: And he blubbered like a baby.

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