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Quote from Francis in Reese's Apartment

Francis: You're not going to do anything? You have to go to that apartment and get him back.
Hal: Look, that's not how it works.
Francis: Oh, I know how it works. I was thrown into military school so fast, I still had shampoo in my hair. The minute a child is inconvenient to you, you kick him out.
Lois: Francis, this is really none of your business. You don't even live here anymore.
Francis: Because you kicked me out! And now you're doing the same thing to Reese. Right now he's sitting in that apartment with his cable TV and his huge stack of video games... miserable.
Hal: If Reese is unhappy, he brought it on himself.
Francis: Really? So what's this? Like the tenth time he's "brought it on himself"? And let's see, Malcolm's "brought it on himself" six times, so with my 28 times, that makes... 40 kick-outs, three different kids, and the only constant through all of this is you two.
Lois: Francis, that is not fair.
Francis: Maybe you just don't like sharing your house with your children. So when's Dewey going to "bring it on himself"? When's Jamie? Where is Jamie?
Lois: He's at the babysitter's.
Hal: Just till 5:00.

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