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Quote from Lois in Lois' Sister

Susan: You know, Lois, usually when someone gives gifts, people say thank you.
Lois: Well, I'm sorry, this... sudden generosity, coming from you, is a little baffling.
Susan: Oh, I'm sorry that the concept of opening your heart and giving is so baffling to you.
Lois: I don't know, some people might not think of it as giving. Some people might think of it as just showing off.
Susan: Oh, here we go! We're only three hours in, and we've already received our first visit from the Queen Bee of Moral Superiority.
Lois: Oh, and here's the victim, right on schedule!
Susan: I became the victim on my prom night when I walked into the garage and caught my boyfriend having sex with my sister on the hood of my car!
Dewey: [whispers] Where do I look?
Malcolm: [whispers] There's nowhere to look.
[Susan runs out]

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