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Quote from Lois in Malcolm's Job

Malcolm: Why do you do this to me?
Lois: Malcolm, I know this is hard for you. You're growing up. You're sick of living under my authority. You want me to cut you some slack. You're wondering when I'll finally see you as an adult. Well... that's never going to happen. That's just not the way it works. You can move away from home, you can get married, even have kids of your own, you can even become a professor of physics at MIT. I will always be your mother. And that's just the way it is until one of us dies. You want to put your head between your knees for a few seconds?
Malcolm: No, I'm okay. Look... will you please just give me one thing? Please stop smoking.
Lois: I already quit.
Malcolm: Are you lying?
Lois: Of course not.

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